Naira Land. (Nigeria🇳🇬)

Lagos the largest city and commercial hub of Nigeria. Sometimes in the evenings when the heat goes down and the city has a slower pace, I go out with friends to restaurants and cafès

Groove in Las Gidi 

To many people, Lagos simply is Nigeria.Africa’s second-largest urban area (only Cairo is larger), it’s a true mega-city with an astonishing 12 million or so people calling it home. A serious player in the out, then Lagos will provide just what you want.

The Centre of trade that is Balogun Market. Direct from the ports to market. The market is located on Lagos Island in Lagos State. The market has no particular address because it sprawls across so many streets on the island. It is recognized as the best place to buy fabrics, shoes and all sorts of wears.

In Nigeria both men and women love Precious Coral Beads during their traditional ceremonies and are a must-have bridal fashion accessory of every Nigerian bride (and groom) who is preparing for her traditional marriage or engagement ceremonies.

Each African Bead carries its own story a rich history. Today the tradition of beads continues to be.

The statement beads are very cultural.

It is amazing how Lagos between Muslims and Christians without there been no conflict. 

One God One Nation

   In a city size of Lagos, it’s important   that you pick the location of your evening out with care. Lagos traffic jams-go-slows-are one of the city’s most famous features, and getting anywhere can take plenty of time. Once you’ve sorted Ikoyi from Ikeja, and the difference between Victoria and Lagos Islabds, you can plan your night out.

Club Life 

the city that never sleeps

Lagos nights often begin with chi chi cocktail at a restaurant or hotel lounge with waterfront views before moving on to a booming poolside party or club, with the latest afrobeats. Victoria Island’s Adetokunbo Ademola Street is popular. After a night of dancing, the search for a late-night snacks such as a roadside suya.

Lagged freneticatmospheremakes fabulous fashion and stylish nights out.

Hard Rock Cafe westfoster

The sprawling metropolis is packed with exciments.

Our Bridge; Lekki-Ikoye Link Bridge (Lekki Toll Gate)

This beauty is easy to photograph, gorgeous from almost every angle. It is one of the most beautiful stucture and the first cable-stayed  Bridge built in Lagos. The 1.36km cable-stayed bridge linked Lekki to Ikoyi and thu the most used alternative route to Lekki, Ikoyi and environs. It was commissioned about 3 years ago; the 29th of May 2013 by the former Governor of Lagos State, BabatundeFashola. It was constructed by Julius Berger Nigerian Plc and cost a whooping sum of 29 Billion Naira. The toll gate is located at the Lekki end of the bridge.

Apart from vehicular traffic, the bridge also serves as a recreational facility. The Nollywood career has already skyrocketed; making an appearance in various movies shot in Lagos,  sometimes getting even more screen time than the leading actors themselves lol. The bridge is the perfect location for prewedding shoots and it is completely free to the public. ExerciseFitness inclined residents of Lekki phase 1 and Ikoyi use the wide curbs of the bridge for jogging and running, usually in the early mornings and evenings.“Mack Zuckerberg jogged on this bridge when he visited Nigeria and if that doesn’t make it the official Lagos jogging route, I don’t know what will. As the hottest jogging spot, relationship experts say your chances of meeting a young, warm blooded member of the opposite sex while running or jogging on this bridge are pretty high”. Laura Ikeja 

Bridges are very important. It allows safe passage where previously it was not possible or much more difficult. Bridges allow you go to school, seek medical help and go to work without having to negotiate a busy road, a dangerous railway line or a fast flowing river.

Lagos Style

Express yourself in Nigeria’s streetwise fashion capital.

Crosstown Traffic 

Plot your route through Lagos with a bit of local know-how.

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