In the Street of Mushin

This is MUSHIN (MainLand). I have never came across a street like Mushin. I saw real thugs living a real gangster life. Real thugs with tribal marks on their face, red eyes and tattoos on their body with their bottles of liquor. Guys smokes weeks everywhere, Mushin can smoke for Africa. The ghetto has a ringleader. But see, this is the place I wish to visit anytime I visit Lagos. I could not capture my Mushin experience lol I don’t really have guts to snap a nigguh or show off my phone or camera, you already know…


A place where you see slay mamas becoming apprentice.

A place where the rich and the poor mingle as one.

A place where all tribe meets together, marry each other.

A place where brother Sikiru the Vulcanizer would host a party and you would think it’s a chairman hosting the party.

A place where you find rare talents…

A place where leaders are being brought up…

A place where you see conductors wooing a passenger.

Mushin where you see women taking their children to school with cane their hands.

A place where there are people queue in other to fetch water at wee hour.

A place where you see frowning faces in the afternoon because of the sun rays .

A place where you see Mallams selling suya at night.

A place where I first see the #ShakuShakuDance

For many observers of life in Mushin, they would prefer to call it ‘moonshine‘ because it is a community that never sleeps!. A typical night in Mushin brings to bear the good, the bad and the ugly in the ever-boisterous community. As you approach the vicinity from either the Mainland or Island, you would meet a crowded community, which announces to its first-time visitor, ‘welcome to a hustling and bustling community where men are laws unto themselves.‘ You could be harassed and even beaten, yet nothing would happen as the night rulers of the community take full charge. They would tell you ‘go bring your police.’ These social miscreants called Area boys (thugs), with their guttural voices, would let, you know that all is well except you try to show that you don’t want to reckon with them by refusing to drop something (money) for the boys.“Mushin used to be a volatile area where hooligans fomented trouble at the slightest provocation. The boys would indulge in liquor and hemp smoking without being apprehended by law enforcement agents. But because the law has really been hard on them in recent times, a good number of these boys have relocated to other places.

Adaramaja’s view: “Life in Mushin is the best anywhere in Lagos State. The town is strategically located and is easily accessible by visitors. I have been living in this area for about 18 years now and I can tell you that living elsewhere is certainly difficult for me. Those who say the town is notorious only want to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. At night, I can get whatever I want to without stress. “Sometimes, if I return home late in the night and there is no food in the house, I can dash across the road to get a steaming plate of rice or garri with good stew. Policemen are virtually everywhere day and night to ensure the safety of lives and property. Therefore, all is well with us here no matter what any negative thing being peddle by misguided people about Mushin.”

University of Lagos, know as UNILAG, is a Federal University established in 1962. The University boasts of being the first-choice university and the nation’s pride.

It is located in Akoka, a suburb of Yaba area of Lagos.

Getting to UNILAG from anywhere is quite easy. From any part of Lagos, find your way to Yaba bus stop.

📍Yaba Bus stop

My first ‘Okada’ experience lol I held the driver’s waist so tight and he was like ‘Kilode’ in Yoruba means what is it? He thought i wanted to do something haha I also don’t understand what he was saying really I was stirring at him but later realized that I was not a Nigerian . Africa is the same but there’s always a misunderstanding be in every journey. “Misunderstanding is natta good thing”Mushin Market


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