Mali 🇲🇱 There are so many reasons to visit this Country.

One thing I found interesting in MALI was the large number of Motorbike riders.

Regardless of sex and age once you have access to the Motorbike, you are good to go.

To my surprise, old woman enjoying the the ride until their vails flies in the air.At some point I thought I would see the wrapper flying too because they are mostly on African Attires.

To my surprise, very young extremely beautiful girls also ride Motorbike an in fact, that is there job.

To my surprise, there are special roads for motorbikes which I did not understand and I almost got knocked down. I was staring at them and on my mind I was saying what kind of life is this and to them also, seeing me as an insane person standing on the small road which is only for Motorbikes.

Every girl holding their Motorbike keys, rolling it on their index finger swaggering you know lol.

In some African countries, certain jobs are considered exclusively for men and women venturing in performing such jobs are seen as hard work to me. It is a decent job at least, and I respect their courage.

In The Gambia you will never see a female motorcyclist, male are the ones mostly known for riding motorbikes. But that is not the case in Mali. I enjoyed the ride plus it is the cheapest and fastest means of transport. BUT I’m not sure whether it is safe. Though, I have used it twice because of the heavy traffic to the western union. 😁😁 Women motorcyclist is very common in Bamako. It has been observed that, many Malian women ride bikes to get to work, school, market and other places, while others are commercial riders as well. Many of the elderly women dressed in their African attire, ride motorbikes, while a few younger ones wear trousers to do the same. hard working ladies Galadona dyer In Bambara The Fulani are one of the largest ethnic group in the Sahel and West Africa. The largest nomadic pastoral community in the world.“Tuareng men covers their hair and face while women are happy to show off their faces Because men want to see the beauty ““Wore the Tuareng because of the red dusty roads to Djénnè have been trampled by the donkeys or horses drawing wooden carts”Ali Farka Toure- Traditional DressDjénné Market .

A group of women in the market place by the mud built Great Mosque in Djénné.

This is a picture by David Adjaye BBCDjénné was founded by merchants in the 9th century, and is the oldest city in sub Saharan Africa. It’s historic Centre, where more than 2,000 traditional houses have survived, has been designated as a world Heritage site. Learning about Islam and the holy Book is an important part of growing up of every boy in Djénné. In a local ma dara sa (Quranic School) they are taught to write in Arabic although they don’t understand anything, but being in school is crucial for young lives. In school, they should all be equal, but unfortunately the differently able children are often pushed aside. When I visited the classroom, the other children were astonished and didn’t understand why I made friends with Mahmoud, a boy that had Polio, sitting in the far corner of the room. His day brightened up when I asked him if I could take a photo of him and he proudly showed me his knowledge.Bamako is a sprawling city through which the river Niger flows. On one end of the city is a hill formation on which the President’s Palace is located. You start driving up the hill, you leave the hustle and bustle of the city, enter into green surroundings and the roads are great.

It is not a knock out sightseeing city. There is no must see location, but I still found some very cool places here and even though it’s a large, noisy, crowded city, it has its charms.

There are lots of Arts in 🇲🇱 M A L I

“W A T C H out!!

Bamako might have people who wants to take advantage of you, but is also full of incredible kindness, hospitality and curios” with my Kahbaa.

Backpacker; we travel by motorcycle, buses, donkeyCart etc lol

This is not all about Mali I’m yet to post the pics of the city centre but soon.

Also giving credit to

Visual by Phonzio💯 📸

David Adjaye Of BBC

Bamako lives

Izla photography

It is what it is…

You know; Wink

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